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Greentech – technology in service of ecology

Greentech – technology in service of ecology

Greentech – technology in service of ecology

Greentech is a term gaining popularity not only in Poland, but also around the world. It’s a combination of environmental science and cutting edge solutions. The purpose of Greentech is to prevent climate disasters and eliminating or limiting those that already exist.

Growing demand for Greentech proves its recent popularity in companies from different branches of economy. While engaging in actions on the verge of CSR, companies often choose green technologies, because they see future in them. Why is Greentech gaining so much popularity? What is the basic goal of that field of science?

A few words about Greentech

The area focuses on limiting negative influence on the environment with the help of new technologies. It’s a combination of studies about technology, ecology and protecting the Earth. It’s an idea promoting sustainability, which means that while the needs of the society are satisfied, there’s no negative influence on the environment. It’s using innovation for exploring new solutions that replace the old ones, often harmful for the environment. However Greentech is not only an idea – it’s also building planet-friendly profitability – based on introducing green technologies in business entities, creating jobs and minimizing resources usage.

Branches dominated by Greentech

Green technology finds application in various branches of the economy. One of the most popular is green architecture, based on balancing the building process. In this case, the most important is precise choice of materials and technologies, which improve ecological standards of the architecture. Greentech in architecture also includes sustainable work methods and responsible choice of places for investments.

Ecological shopping is also a part of Greentech. It’s based on choosing consumer goods made using energy-efficient means of production. If used widely by private consumers, corporations and governments, they can really impact the environment.

Green chemistry is also a part of the Greentech focused on creating chemicals which are meant to replace current, harmful substances. There’s similar field called green nanotechnology, bordering on chemistry and engineering and based on production of nanomaterials, which will allow to minimize negative impact human activity has on the planet.

The most obvious Greentech branch in green energy. Focused on developing alternative ways to produce electricity and fuel, it’s meant to create competition for fossil fuels. Its goal is to limit the amount of pollution released into the atmosphere, and growing popularity increases the chances of it happening.

Greentech includes various branches of the economy – there’s no way to list them all. But one of the most important elements of Greentech is green software. It’s nothing else but popularizing IT solutions with minimal impact on the planet and introducing them to accelerate processes and replace harmful practices with said solutions. It’s a possibility of faster and more effective introduction of eco-friendly changes.

Where can you find Greentech?

We often don’t even realize that Greentech is present in our every lives. The use of green technologies is noticeable everywhere we go. For example, solar panels on the roofs of private houses, wind-powered streetlights, electric cars, or even public buses. Other great examples are solar lighting – powered by solar energy or led lighting, using significantly less energy than a traditional lightbulb. Greentech in IT? Storing data in cloud. There’s no need anymore to store huge amounts of data on paper or hard disks that consume electricity. A cloud is equally safe, but much more ecological.

Why Greentech is the future?

Negative impact of human activity and technological development on the planet is a fact known for years now. Greentech is a perfect way of using existing, advanced solutions for good cause. Environmental innovation focused on minimizing pollution will lead to better quality air or food products. And, as a result, better quality of living. Investing in Greentech is not only managing companies responsibly, image building or just a temporary trend. It’s a mission to solve global warming, learning to use renewable energy and sustainable living. It’s an idea that came forth focusing on the will to save the future of the environment based on a belief that the future depends on our actions, here and now. It’s not a fad – it’s an obvious and rightful tendency.

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