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Some news in the latest version of React 18

latest version of React 18

Some news in the latest version of React 18

React 18 framework remains the most recognizable frontend program in the world. It gained its much deserved popularity right at the very beginning by choosing the right path of development based on simplicity and flexibility. An update to React 17 was an important turning point, although it would seem it didn’t bring anything new to the table at first glimpse. However, it was a foundation for an entirely new approach to updates, which brings results in the new version of the program. Although the release date of the stable version hasn’t been announced yet, the trial alpha version is already available.

Why is React framework so popular?

The first version of react was released eight years ago. Those eight years sure weren’t wasted time. Currently, React 18 is the most popular framework in the world. It’s exceeded only by jQuery library, but it’s far ahead of any other full-fledged frameworks. Every new version contributed to this, increasing number of users significantly.

Where does this popularity come from? You can mention a few key characteristics that distinguish this framework from the others:

  • Data binding based on virtual object components.
  • Relying on a known JavaScript library, characterized by high efficiency of memory usage.
  • Implementation speed and possibility of creating dynamic interface.
  • Instant updates of any changes on the website allow to work on it and for users to enjoy it quicker.
  • Component build makes it easier and quicker to create more advanced websites.
  • Every single component is isolated, so one update doesn’t collide with another. 
  • The website’s speed has also a positive influence on SEO – it’s position in Google Search Engine.
  • At last, this solution is stable, thanks to enormous community, ready to help and develop.

Undoubtedly React has many advantages and is easy to use. Thanks to most recent update to React 17, it’s easier to partially update this framework. It will increase popularity of using features implemented in version 18, which is currently in the testing phase.

An important turning point – React 17

When the team announced that React 17 doesn’t have any new features, it seemed that this update will go unnoticed. In a world of new technologies, when every new version is expected to introduce new features, that announcement was not well received. All the more so because there’s still plenty of room for innovation.

But what was also known was an issue regarding software update. In many cases it was an all or nothing situation. You could run a difficult update, which was very labor-intensive. The only alternative was sticking to the old version. But supporting so many older, rarely used versions of React was becoming a huge problem for its creators. 

What the world needed was an entirely new approach to the updates. And that was a turning point for the React 17 framework. Exceedingly refined process of gradual updates allows to use multiple React versions on a single website. Although it was already possible, now it became much easier. However, that feature is available only for versions 17 and higher.

React 18 alpha version

React 18 is near, but official premiere of the stable version is yet to be announced. However, you can download a trial version, which helps to collect users’ reviews. When it comes to news, we can expect:

  • New, interesting solutions.
  • Server-side rendering with built-in React.lazy feature.
  • Changed API interface.
  • Concurrent functions, such as startTransition.
  • Concurrent rendering.

New functions are sure to make using the framework easier and create new possibilities for the users. A special team is currently working on those changes, so that everybody can use them fully. A detailed schedule for implementing version 18 will also be mapped out. Thanks to scalability, introduced the last time, now updates will be simple and problem-free.

Concurrent rendering

The most important new functionality will be concurrent rendering. What is it? Without concurrency, you can assign only one task for the program at the time. With the same priority set for all the changes in setState it was leading to updates queueing up on the website. Thanks to new functionality it will be possible to perform multiple tasks simultaneously and assigning their priorities at the same time. It allows to abort and suspend individual tasks, to implement the most important changes on the website.

It’s worth adding, that it is not the well known solution from React 16, which had a button hidden in the options, launching concurrency mode. Presented solution has significantly bigger potential for speeding up operation and is launched automatically.

React framework’s future

Although changes in React 18 don’t seem like much, and implementing them goes rather slowly, depending on individual user’s needs, there’s still many issues to be resolved for the creators. That’s why they disclosed their action plan for the nearest future. They mentioned again, that version 18’s update doesn’t require any significant changes to the code.

The work on React 18 still continues. Thanks to insight from the community, the trial version is constantly improved and corrected. New functionalities should be available in the stable version soon.

Innovations implemented in the React framework are sure to increase its popularity, since they’re made to suit every user. They don’t need to update the entire framework anymore, they can do it in their own pace.

Summary – what do we know about React 18

React 18 is currently available in trial version, but work is underway on the stable version’s schedule. However, we can now say with all certainty, that the new functionalities will play a significant role in creating and changing websites.

Last version, 17, was already a huge step in that direction. It set the stage for the changes, which are implemented today. And it completely changed the image of React. New concurrent rendering is only the first of important changes that await us.

What features will be available in the new versions of the framework? Hard to guess. What is certain at the moment, is that the program’s update won’t be necessary. Now everybody decides for themselves, which additional features they want to have, and which of them can wait.

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