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What is TypeScript and what do we need it for?

what is typescript

What is TypeScript and what do we need it for?

First of all what is TypeScript? According to Wikipedia it is an open-source programming language created by Microsoft as syntactical superset of JavaScript. It facilitates optional static typing and object-oriented programming based on classes. But what does it mean in practical terms? This technology can be used in both front-end and back-end programming. TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript and is a programming language which compiles, “transpiles”, to be more precise, to JavaScript language and therefore what is sent to server are JavaScript files. TypeScript can be compared to Less or Sass preprocessors, which can be compiled as well.

What is TypeScript for exactly?

If the final code is JavaScript anyway, what is TypeScript for? This type of add-ons are designed especially for developers so that they are able to create certain things faster and easier. Microsoft was in need of reinforcing JavaScript and correcting its errors. They noticed that JavaScript is not very scalable and it’s hard to control a big app. Thanks to the add-on, developers could focus on complexity and logic of the application, because the whole plethora of errors was eliminated by TS. Google noticed and appreciated TypeScript and created Angular framework in this language, which contributed to its success.

TypeScript’s possibilities

We won’t be describing all of TypeScript’s advantages and possibilities, we’ll just point out those most important and most useful:

– Dynamic typing, arguments and functions

– Classes

– Interfaces

– Enum

– Modules

– Optional function parameters

As we can see JavaScript’s superset doesn’t add anything that is not known to developers, it only adds functions that classic languages already contain.


TypeScript is a powerful JavaScript add-on which significantly speeds up the work and makes the code more organized and legible. It’s especially useful for creating big service applications. Thanks to it supporting include directives adding info on existing JavaScript’s libraries, it cooperates well with many popular environments and libraries such as NodeJS or jQuery.

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