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Where to find a good software development company

Software Development Company

Where to find a good software development company

Creating a well operating software is not easy. Developing a website attracting users requires knowledge and experience. On the other hand companies which can do that are highly sought-after these days. Despite the abundance of such companies on the market, it’s not easy to find a reliable software development company.

Where to look for software development companies?

More and more businesses rely on IT services to meet their customers’ needs. That means high demand for software development companies. They’re mostly needed for:

  • Designing and launching custom software
  • Developing mobile apps
  • Creating interesting games
  • Provide internal business software

Hiring a full-time programmer rarely pays off in broader perspective. It’s much more easier and quicker to hire a reputable software development company which has extensive knowledge and experience. It significantly speeds up the process of implementing and launching the project, and in addition it improves its quality.

Therefore where should we look for software development companies providing such services? First of all the Internet. Below we listed a few ways to find the best software developers.


When it comes to finding the best business partners, one of the most popular and trusted online services is LinkedIn. It’s widely used by most recruitment agencies, employees and market experts. Obviously, you can also find software development companies there.

To find the most promising candidates for establishing cooperation, all we have to do is entering a correct phrase at the top of the website, and select companies in the results. A list of the best offers will appear. To optimize the process of finding the best companies and developers, you can use LinkedIn Profinder. It provides access to more filters and choices, so that the search results best suit our needs. is a service collecting verified software development companies. We can find more than three thousand positions in its database, including an option to filter out according to:

  • Location
  • Area of specialization
  • Company’s size
  • Rate of employment
  • Hourly rate

All the software development companies are verified by detailed application forms, customer reviews, portfolio and other available means. Customers’ feedback is available on the website, which is also helpful in choosing a reliable company. It’s worth mentioning that the company can’t add them there by itself. Customers are closely verified by the clutch team to avoid fake reviews.


If you want to find a company to cooperate with, Quora proves to be very useful. It’s a place associating all kinds of experts, marketers, programmers and many others.

All you have to do is ask a question about a project, which is to be implemented, and in a matter of several minutes you’ll receive some interesting offers from particular companies. It’s a very efficient way of gaining access to the best software developers.


If you’re looking for a software development company for a specific project, you should definitely try Appfutura. It allows to enunciate basic premise of a project such as:

  • Platform, on which it will be implemented
  • Projected budget
  • Work schedule
  • Specification
  • Expectations

In return we’ll receive specific offers from companies interested in this project. All you need to do now is to negotiate and choose the best software developer among those, who replied to your ad. It is a more convenient way, one which doesn’t require a lot of time and effort to find potential developers.


Google search engine might also be very helpful in our search. First of all, we can enter a phrase describing the service we’re looking for up in a search bar. For example, “best development company for creating websites”. A lot of interesting offers will appear in search results.

Google Maps might also be helpful. When w enter a name of the service, we will find places connected to the subject. We can clearly see, which ones are nearby so we can go there to receive an offer. In big cities, the number of places we look for may be so large, it may be necessary to click the “more places” option to see them all.

TOP software development companies articles

Using Google search engine you can also find articles describing the best companies working in a specific field. Besides, you can find them in other places, like social media or IT websites.

There are suggestions of the most interesting development companies selected by experts. There is no need for verifying those software devs and their capabilities. It’s all in the article.


On the Internet, you can also find websites with catalogues of companies operating in a specific field. Usually, there are search bars and filters provided for more convenient browsing. It’s a great starting point for finding the most suitable companies for our project.

There should be a link to the website next to the company’s name, where more information can be found. Portfolio is especially worth looking at. In the portfolio we can look at the projects the company implemented so far.

Outside the Internet

Searching for the perfect development company doesn’t have to rely on the Internet only. There are multiple events and campaigns in which IT companies take part. Especially various presentations and fairs, where everybody can showcase their assets and strong suits. By taking part in such event, we can establish new contacts, which can result in future cooperation.

What to look at when searching for the perfect development company?

If you’re looking for a reliable IT company, it would be wise to find out more about the company’s history and approach. It’s because you can come across some developers who simply overestimate their skills. It can result in wasting a lot of time and money, and most of all, missing a one in a million opportunity which our project could give.

During our search we should keep those aspects in mind:

  • Credentials. Working for big and well known brands is always a good ad for one’s skills. They don’t have to be the biggest of them all. Working for local businesses can also provide a field to show off one’s capabilities.
  • Experience. It’s easier to trust a company, which have been in business for several years, than one which have been operating for several months.
  • Team. Taking a closer look at each of the individual members of the team, especially their skills, allows us to accurately assess the whole company’s competence. Narrow specialization is key. It’s the best for each employee to have just one specific role, not multiple.
  • Reviews. Customer’s comments on the Internet can provide some vital information. It’s worth focusing on the negative ones, that way we can find out about potential problems we can encounter during our cooperation. However, what’s the most important, is positive to negative comments ratio.
  • The ultimate test is quality of contact. After sending an inquiry we can evaluate if the contact was fast and the answers substantial.

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